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4 benefits of sub-metering

Understanding your energy consumption is the first step towards becoming more sustainable. Once you can identify the areas that use the most energy, you can turn your attention to the ‘why’. This is where sub-metering comes in.

Sub-metering allows you to dive deeper into what is driving your energy consumption and where there may be inefficiency and waste. Once these areas are identified, it is much easier for companies to reduce their consumption and environmental impact.

So, what are the benefits of sub-metering for businesses of all sizes?

Real-time data*

Before you can manage your energy consumption, you must first measure it. The most obvious benefit of sub-metering is having access to real-time energy data. Understanding exactly where and why you are using a large amount of energy is the first step towards reducing consumption.

Being able to access real-time data at the touch of a button also allows businesses to avoid other charges. ‘Peak Demand’ charges incur when utility costs are raised at times when demand is greater. This is to stop huge numbers of consumers using utilities at these peak times. Having real-time data via sub-metering, companies are able to take advantage of off-peak rates whilst avoid busy utility times and possible fines.

A clear perception of energy usage allows for the creation of comprehensible routes toward a green future. Accurate energy monitoring and real-time data allows site managers to focus on creating an optimised energy performance.

Optimised energy performance

Sub-metering uses monitoring, verification and performance reports to track expected savings. Ongoing performance monitoring of implemented schemes allow reassurance that the systems are continuing to deliver successful results. By installing metering devices throughout sites and on equipment, you gain access to detailed monitoring and reporting. This in turn allows site managers the chance to gain more control of their energy usage.

Optimising your business’s performance through smart energy management can reduce overheads and increase profit. Knowing exactly where energy is used most also gives t-mac a clearer focus of which energy solutions are best suited to you. These bespoke solutions are tailored to your needs as we reduce carbon emissions, cut out overheads and fast track you towards net zero. 

Equipment failure or inefficiency can also be identified through sub-metering and monitoring. Avoiding technology and machinery problems or catching them quickly can improve a business’s efficiency tenfold.



Sub-metering allows businesses to not only compare their energy consumption on different sites, but also against the competition. Staying ahead of the curve can help to become sustainable faster, while also broadening clientele opportunities.

Competition between businesses is not new. However, the added advantage ‘greener’ businesses have is. As customers begin to take control of their consumption by choosing sustainable options, it is vital that companies future proof their green plans.

By benchmarking and reporting electricity, gas and water data using sub-metering, energy or sustainability managers can see how their sustainability targets fall in line with the competition.


As we strive towards net zero, finding innovative and sustainable energy management tools will become vital. Sub-metering is the ideal service to identify waste and inefficiency. It is only once this has been conducted that we can reduce this consumption and lessen our impact on the environment.

Sub-metering allows you to hone in on high energy areas that are wasting money and working inefficiently. Money that is saved by cutting out overheads can then be redispersed elsewhere in the company, even into sustainability initiatives. 


Prioritising sustainable and innovative solutions is what lies at the heart of t-mac. Through metering, monitoring and control solutions, we help our clients become as efficient as possible.  

Our expert team and list of comprehensive energy saving solutions are here to help you make that first step towards sustainability.

Get in touch today to hear more about how t-mac can help you and your green goals.

*t-mac data will be available between 20 minutes (in config) and 2 hours (in reporting) behind the live data. Text and email alerts will usually be sent out within seconds. 

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