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“We selected t-mac BMS due to its ability to connect to our network, ‘talk’ to our existing ac units and report back. We can now react to faults/failures prior to the store realising they have an issue. The capability to change settings without requiring a member of staff to do so is a great element of the system. We required an easy to use interface with potential for expansion which was a big draw of the BMS.”

Graham Ireland – Head of Energy and Mechanical Services

The Business

Iceland is the UK’s leader in frozen food. As a national multi-site business, it’s imperative that they have visibility and insight into where, when and how they use energy and the power to control it. t-mac provides innovative software to enable users to track energy usage in real-time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Plus, our smart building solutions offer clients the ability to connect energy intensive devices across multiple sites.

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Intelligent buildings delivering powerful savings

We worked closely with Iceland to provide an optimised lighting control system to be rolled out across their 850 stores. This bespoke controls solution was designed and implemented by our engineering teams working alongside key stakeholders within Iceland.

The technology provides automated store lighting to optimise energy usage based on occupancy and trading times. Lighting has been split into zones and is controlled via a combination of timed outputs, alarm interfaces, and presence detection.

Some stores have implemented remote controls for internal environmental temperatures and remote fault-finding for maintenance purposes.

The solution has achieved a 15% lighting cost saving in the first year alone. Additional opportunities are also being investigated to identify further savings. Our team are working closely with Iceland to implement load shedding and load shifting activities to reduce electricity charges at peak DUoS and TNUoS times. By programming additional logic for the lighting and AC systems, Iceland can shift load from these time bands and reduce their bills further. This is expected to deliver further savings of up to 10%.


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