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“By working with t-mac we were able to identify that our immediate solution was to scrutinise the use of in-store equipment to save energy and carbon. Using t-mac’s expert advice and assistance we were able to implement a control strategy and immediately benefited from the energy reduction. To date we’ve chalked up a substantial reduction in energy usage and carbon emissions across the 1,600 UK branches. We’re confident that the system will continue to be a winner, saving carbon and cost for years to come..”

Nick Eshelby – Director of Property Services & Facilities

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Ladbrokes were keen to improve their energy efficiency in a bid to save energy and money. They enlisted our help and we initially trialled a Building Management System (BMS) in their Chesterfield store. This focused on controlling the Air Conditioning (AC) and ventilation equipment.

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The Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) data gathered during the trial was used to analyse the overall effectiveness of the implemented system in Ladbrokes’ Chesterfield store. Since installation, the control strategy produced a 4% energy saving for the site. We worked closely with Ladbrokes to develop acustom control system; known aptly as ‘Lad-Mac’, which specifically addressed the requirements identified in the trial. As the store had relatively low energy bills the new system needed to be small scale with an 18 month return on investment.

The BMS trial therefore focused on the store’s AC and ventilation fans and applied a pre-set control strategy By monitoring how they used the system, we were able to ensure complete satisfaction with the new control strategies.

An on/off switch was incorporated to the trial unit which, if required, could be used by staff to override the ‘Lad-Mac’ system and its pre-set control temperatures. By monitoring their usage of this, it was apparent the team rarely used these switches, indicating that the control strategy worked well.

Due to the nature of the retail business, Ladbrokes wanted to be able to change the strategy in each store so no communication over GPRS was necessary at this time, however the ‘Lad-Mac’ can be fully upgraded as required in the future. Ladbrokes have already saved £121,000 in just 4 months and we estimate they will achieve an annual saving of £338,000.

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