Taking control of appliances across multiple sites can seriously improve your chances of becoming more energy efficient. This in turn opens your business up to new sustainable opportunities. Clients are also becoming increasingly eco-conscious, and attaining energy efficiency will be crucial if you wish to stay ahead of your competitors.

What Is Control?

Energy efficiency is never a bad thing – it comes with a whole host of benefits for businesses. We can deliver a service that fully integrates your critical energy systems into one remotely-managed platform. This provides you with visibility of all your systems in any of your buildings-including heating, lighting and ventilation.

This solution can also empower you to take action against inefficiencies and reduce your operational costs – enabling you to implement, change, and manage controls with the single touch of a button.


Reduced Costs


Why t-mac?

With a long list of services tailored to your needs, we at t-mac are here to assist our clients as they journey towards energy efficiency.

t-mac systems provide greater visibility and clarity on unusual usage trends and inefficiencies. Most importantly, we can help you control your appliances – from AC units to HVAC systems, boilers, to lighting controls.

And with our expert team, you know you’re in safe hands.

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