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Energy management: your net zero super tool

energy management

When people hear the increasingly popular term ‘net zero’ they may imagine vast wind farms or large reforestation projects. But reducing your carbon footprint can be far simpler. The roadmap to net zero varies for every organisation depending on their size and energy consumption. Drastic measures are often necessary for larger companies to completely offset their carbon emissions. Yet every organisation can start in the same place, with their energy management.


Comprehensive and data-driven energy management can be a powerful tool on the road to net zero. By combining next generation technology and in-house expertise, t-mac provides end-to-end guidance for businesses hoping to become carbon neutral.

So, what does end-to-end energy management look like and how can it help your business reach net zero? Read on to find out.

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Often overlooked as just a box to tick, utility metering can be a powerful tool in the right hands. It provides a real time look at how much water, gas and electricity your business is using. And enables you to act quickly if consumption peaks beyond the desired level.


Pinpointing where your areas of inefficiency are is made possible by sub-metering an activity such as lighting, heating or general power of specific areas. This helps you in preparing  to take action to reduce consumption, cost and carbon footprint.

Connecting renewables

As more businesses choose to integrate renewable technology to control their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint, this will become an essential part of energy management.

By connecting metering points from your renewable equipment to our t-mac technology, businesses get the satisfaction of verifying the energy they are generating. A huge advantage for businesses joining the race to net zero.


Once the metering is in place and gathering data, the next essential step is monitoring. This helps to tell a story of how your building is operating and highlights any areas of inefficiency or waste.

We attach sensors to our t-mac devices, which gives businesses a clear view of the environmental conditions in their building, as well as their equipment performance. This data is an invaluable tool when working towards reducing carbon emissions. But it can also help to cut costs and future maintenance, not to mention stress.

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Building Management System Controls

So, why choose t-mac to help you cut carbon, reduce costs, and grow a sustainable foundation for the future? Because we go beyond metering and monitoring by adding automated control with our BMS solutions. Our cloud-based software is seamlessly integrated with our hardware, allowing you to adjust lighting, heating, air conditioning and more at the touch of a button.

This level of smart metering, monitoring and control provides an interactive window into the operation of your business.  In turn, it creates a healthy foundation for a more sustainable and profitable future. Read more about our BMS solutions and find out which one is right for your business.

End-to-end support

The most essential part of any energy management service is end-to-end support. Many firms can provide the hardware but not the software. Or you can buy the software but need to sort your own equipment and installation. t-mac can coordinate everything from the initial specification and supply of equipment, all the way through to installation and software training.

This level of comprehensive support, along with our pioneering technology, is what sets t-mac apart. We provide our clients with the help they need from start to finish and provide a data-driven sustainable strategy for the future.

To learn more about t-mac’s next generation energy solutions, download our brochure or contact us today.

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