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How can green tech power the future of universities?

No one could have predicted the events of the last 18 months. And while the pandemic has created unavoidable obstacles for sectors across the world, it has propelled the use and development of smart technology. In particular, green tech.

With national restrictions affecting in-person lectures as well as student and staff attendance, universities have had to re-think their way of teaching. A fall in international students and depleting applications have been put down to travel restrictions and remote learning. This threatens to lose the UK university sector anywhere between £3 billion and £19 billion every year. So, the pressure to become energy efficient and technology-driven are more prevalent than ever.

We take a look at a few green tech solutions and how they are steering the university sector’s post-Covid recovery.

IoT-enabled energy management

IoT energy management has helped to further enable university technology. In particular, remote learning. Having the option of online lectures allows students to keep up with work while also maintaining social distancing restrictions from the comfort of their homes.

Aside from covid-related issues, there are also several other beneficial ways IoT can be applied within universities. These include:

  • Improving safety on campus
  • Giving staff and students fast routes to digital information and data
  • Keeping track of resources and equipment
  • Facility managers can monitor energy usage to become more efficient
  • IoT-enabled sensors that can identify leaks or inefficiencies on sites

Installing IoT and AI systems may initially impact planned energy budgets. But the long-term financial and environmental benefits make it entirely worth it. This unprecedented time has put a strain on all sectors. And for universities, investing in smart technology is one of the most simple and efficient ways to stay on top of money.

Artificial Intelligence installations

When Covid-19 began, the World Health Organization announced that artificial intelligence would be integral in dealing with the pandemic. AI and machine learning have also been predicted to potentially revolutionise the energy industry and sectors such as education. Employing AI could cut energy costs in university buildings by as much as 30 per cent.

As universities have been forced to digitalise, the sector must gain an understanding of the many benefits that come with introducing AI into their syllabus. One of the biggest advantages that comes with AI learning is personalisation. Lectures and classes have the potential to be personalised based on the individual student; their educational level, preferences, and needs. Much like the potential personalisation you could see in your energy management, based off your personal peaks, troughs and energy requirements.

The pandemic has made it clear that when push comes to shove, the education sector can become flexible and provide resilient solutions. And while universities are starting to return to ‘normal’, developments that have been made with smart technology should continue to be celebrated. As they will only further aid students and staff as they return to campus.

AI could boost productivity in some industries by 30%, so offering students personalised education could propel the sector into a tech-driven future. After being surveyed, around six in ten students out of 29,531 said that they enjoy learning more and understand things better when digital approaches are used.


Future-proofing your business means finding new and innovative ways of developing. Green tech allows businesses to get ahead of the curve and establish themselves as forward-thinking.

At t-mac, we understand the importance of elevating data-driven solutions as we move towards net zero. We use our IoT metering and smart technology to provide the most effective, bespoke solutions for your business’s needs. Using our IoT-enabled solution, we can give you full visibility of all your systems in one remotely-managed platform. Allowing you to take control of inefficiencies at the touch of a button.

If you are interested in hearing more about t-mac’s tech-driven energy solutions get in touch today.

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