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How is AI helping the hospitality sector post-Covid?

The pandemic has caused plenty of problems for companies around the world. But worldwide lockdowns and restrictions have also propelled use of technology. Especially in the hospitality sector. New technological developments such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) have the potential to revolutionise the industry.

And it’s becoming clear that AI and machine learning is becoming the smartest way for the sector to minimise costs and maximise profits and efficiency. With both the travel and hospitality industries taking a significant hit from the pandemic, they need smart technology now more than ever.

So, how are AI systems impacting the hospitality sector post-Covid?


Customer service

With social distancing rules in place, in-person customer service has been put on hold. Reduced staff and increased workloads have forced hospitality businesses to find technological replacements.

While AI technology is rarely cheap, once invested in these installations could save the hospitality sector a considerable amount of money that would’ve otherwise been spent on labour. Using voice activated systems such as Alexa or Amazon Echo in hotels allows guests to access a range of options from the comfort of their rooms.

In the absence of physical employees, the hospitality sector has employed several new and developing strategies to serve guests and visitors. Using QR code menus and digital bookings systems have allowed businesses to operate within the restricted guidelines.

Data analysis

Guest’s booking, sharing and reviewing a business online allows businesses to have a much wider range of data to understand. Being able to have quick access to performative evaluations allows businesses to revaluate their work dynamics and look for ways to improve. 

New technology allows hospitality businesses to get a clear understanding of customers and potential customers in a short amount of time. They can then provide streamlined services and marketing based on collected data.

Energy management

An issue that the hospitality sector has continued to face before and during Covid-19 is reducing harmful emissions. While countries across the world are putting strategies in place for a successful recovery post-Covid, they must do so sustainably.

Becoming sustainable is no longer an option, but a necessity. As the government continue to announce new legislations, it is essential that businesses reduce their impact on the planet. ‘Going green’ not only future-proofs companies, but encourages environmentally conscious consumers to choose their services.

Metering and monitoring allow establishments to have more control over:

  • Comfort conditions using temperature and humidity.
  • Environmental issues including CO2 emissions.
  • Equipment monitoring such as possible boiler or A/C failure.
  • Legislative compliance including tank water and fridge/freezer temperatures.

Technology systems such as t-mac allows you to understand the peaks and troughs of your energy usage. t-mac devices communicate data offsite through wireless GPRS or Ethernet to a central server. This means users have unlimited access to their consumption data at the click of a button.

Where t-mac comes in

Understanding your energy consumption is essential in recovering from Covid-19 sustainably. We use our IoT metering and controls systems to provide businesses with energy control and efficiency.

At t-mac, we stay ahead of the curve. Our forward-thinking technology and data driven solutions allow us to supply companies with a bespoke service tailored to their needs.

If you are interested in hearing more on t-mac’s energy saving solutions get in touch or download our guide today.

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