HR Wallingford Group

Real-time sub-metering to help identify waste and reduce energy consumption across the Howberry Park Estate.

The t-mac energy management system was installed at Howberry Park Estate in Oxfordshire to provide real-time sub-metering with the aim of helping site owners, HR Wallingford Group, to identify and reduce its energy consumption. Using the t-mac online software suite, HR Wallingford has identified where the most energy is consumed on site and helped the Company identify the reasons for this consumption. After gathering the data, the users identified one particular area of the estate which consumed ten times more energy than previous estimations had suggested, as well as abnormal energy consumption in an office building as a result of the air-conditioning being left on over one weekend.

In addition to saving energy and reducing HR Wallingford's costs the system has also saved the company time by enabling the on-site facilities team to focus on other responsibilities instead of performing weekly meter readings.

Lisa Gingell, director for t-mac Technologies, said: "Sub-metering helps organisations to manage their energy consumption as it allows users to gain immediate information on energy costs. A key benefit of sub-metering is being able to distinguish day and night energy profiles for selected activity areas and then identify potential saving opportunities.

"t-mac has helped many businesses to clearly see where the major energy reduction opportunities exist by isolating a business's 'hidden' energy wasters such as lighting being on when not needed or heating and air conditioning fighting against each other.

Many businesses continue to underestimate the financial savings which can be made by identifying and monitoring their energy consumption. Using t-mac companies can achieve energy savings of up to 40 per cent and a return on investment in 12-18 months."

Paul Middleton, Technical Services Manager, said: "Howberry Park has a well-established commitment to the environment and some of the most recent buildings at Howberry Park, such as Kestrel House and Red Kite House, incorporate several environmentally friendly features including rainwater harvesting and the use of borehole water to provide natural air conditioning.

"We are very impressed with the service we have received from t-mac and the equipment has enabled us to receive some very useful data which we can use to further reduce our energy consumption. The system has been a great help in monitoring our energy consumption and we are now looking into using a t-mac custom dashboard which addresses energy management issues specific to the site plan of our estate. We could potentially get defined data for six areas on site and display the daily, weekly and monthly kWh and carbon value for each building."

Lisa continued: "We are delighted at the great results HR Wallingford has had using the t-mac system and hope that other businesses will follow Howberry Park's example by reducing their energy consumption and protecting their bottom line."

NB: Howberry Business Park is the location of the UK's first, large ground solar panels to supply Howberry Park Business Estate and feed energy generated back into the national grid and is said to accommodate nearly 1,000 employees, employed by over 30 organisations.