HSBC Global bank to installs t-mac Technologies' energy monitoring devices further underlining its green credentials

Energy management specialist t-mac Technologies Ltd and 'the world's local bank' - HSBC - are set to work together and quash the energy consumption of the bank's retail units by up to 20%.

t-mac Technologies will provide HSBC with its advanced building energy management system - t-mac. Operating like a virtual facilities manager, t-mac takes the effort out of manual energy metering, monitoring and control, making energy management interactive and accessible via the internet.

t-mac works by gathering metering data as well as energy consumption information from sources of power – such as a buildings air conditioning unit – and then highlights the energy that the unit is losing and wasting unnecessarily, providing HSBC with recommendations on how to cut carbon emissions further.

Stephen Gathergood, Data Centre and Engineering Manager, from HSBC Bank said:

"HSBC's commitment to progressive and innovative technologies is well known, as is its commitment to best practice in sustainability. We continually look for methods by which to enhance the sustainable credentials of our property portfolio, both in our existing branches and on new developments. The technology deployed through our partnership with t-mac is a good example of how our buildings can be more efficiently managed, without any material increase in operating costs, which enables us to continue to deliver the same value to both our shareholders and our customers."

Lisa Wilkinson, t-mac Technologies Director, said: "By deploying the t-mac system, HSBC will be able to monitor and control the amount of energy their buildings are using, which will ultimately lead to both financial and environmental savings."