Wardle High School

A nationwide estate of buildings both large and small take their next big step in energy management thanks to t-mac

Wardle High School in Rochdale is reaping the benefits after splashing out on the latest energy management equipment from t-mac Technologies Ltd.

The t-mac energy management system was installed to provide real-time sub-metering, as well as mains gas and water metering, for the School's swimming and hydrotherapy pools. Using the online energy analysis software the school is able to monitor the energy consumed by its pools and also identify the impact of using pool covers on its energy costs.

So far it has shown that by using covers the school has reduced the energy consumption of its pools by approximately 25 per cent with estimated savings of around £10,000.

Lisa Wilkinson, director for t-mac Technologies, said: "Sub-metering helps organisations to manage their energy consumption as it allows users to gain information on energy costs without delay. A key benefit of sub-metering is being able to identify day and night energy profiles for selected activity areas and highlight potential saving opportunities."

t-mac's Energy Analysis software is designed to provide users with information on the efficiency of their building, energy costs, how much energy is being wasted as well as return on investment. The software also provides live data and statistics on the school building's performance. By accessing t-mac's Energy Analysis Dashboard display, the school can immediately compare live and historic meter readings from all mains and sub-metering points in the building.

Jamie Butterworth, financial controller of Wardle High School, said: "We are very impressed with the service we have received from t-mac and the meters have allowed us to get a total cost for running our pools very easily. In today's climate it's important for schools to set a good example to their communities by monitoring the energy they use and we want to highlight the advantages and positive effects monitoring can have on a school's energy profile. The system has been so effective and easy to use that we are now considering installing t-mac to our main meters to monitor the energy consumption of the whole school."

Lisa continues: "The heating and ventilation of swimming pools consumes a lot of energy and can be very expensive. t-mac enables users to remotely monitor their swimming pool conditions including temperatures, chlorine and Ph levels. When the parameters are breached t-mac can send SMS or e-mail alerts to allow remedial action to be taken as soon as possible.

"We're really excited to be working with Wardle High School as it is a great example of how using metering and energy analysis data can help schools to identify their energy use and costs. This knowledge gives users the opportunity to take control of their energy consumption and reduce costs which could be much better spent on other areas. Wardle High is setting a shining example to the local community and other schools across the country."