A new dimension

t-mac touchscreen technology, Alerting, Mapping and Floorplans take t-mac tech into a new dimension of energy management solutions.

We had a great time at the Energy Event in Birmingham in September before moving on to the Energy Solutions Expo in London this month where we gave visitors the chance to ‘touch’ base with the future of energy management and take an interactive tour of the full t-mac range.

Using touch screen technology, we showed visitors at these two important events how t-mac can help companies manage and control energy consumption, achieving energy savings of up to 40 per cent and a return on investment in 12-18 months.

It was at these shows that we unveiled our new alerting, floor plan and mapping technologies and enjoyed demonstrating the software to the many visitors to our stand during the two-day events.

Using the floor plan portal, businesses can upload graphics of buildings, individual floors, rooms and equipment while receiving real-time energy consumption data from the t-mac unit installed at each site.

The software provides maintenance personnel with a unique overview of energy consumption across the site while highlighting areas which may require attention during necessary service checks. The software can also be used to upload equipment schematics, enabling engineers to assess equipment performance and use easily and interactively.

The addition of a new, innovative ‘mapping’ feature to our Building Management Systems software will offer a visual representation of a user’s sites enabling companies to monitor their facilities efficiently. By highlighting equipment errors staff can respond to faults quickly and rectify them.

At the Energy Event we were also delighted to provide a special presentation to delegates in the ESTA seminar hall where we discussed ‘Applying Key Energy Saving Technologies’ and how building energy management systems (BEMS) can help businesses to reduce the cost of building operations.

And now it is time to give our feet a little rest until the next one.