The t-mac team and I exhibited at The Energy Event last month (9 and 10 September 2009) in Birmingham, which gave us a chance to meet more like-minded energy enthusiasts! Naturally, at trade shows everyone tends to have one thing in common and this year was no different – ‘how can we save energy and save money at the same time?’ is always a hot topic of conversation.

Every time we exhibit at trade shows we are commonly faced with the same questions from potential buyers, consultants and businesses. But one thing I picked up on more than ever this year was the sense of misunderstanding about the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) among the industry. It takes effect in just a few months so the time is now to act. I am still amazed at the fact that many businesses still don’t know how it will affect them, many told me they are in the dark, not sure where to turn to for advice (which is where we come in!), obviously the t-mac team is more than happy to help clear the mist...some highlights from my conversations...

Main piece of advice I have been giving people? If you hold off monitoring and recording your energy use today then you will pay for it in the future. Ideally, if you are a proactive business you should start monitoring and recording your energy use now by implementing a number of easy measures such as installing smart metering devices with CRC measurement and management software. And finally... preparing for the Carbon Reduction Commitment today will help business avoid flittering away overheads tomorrow.

This month we exhibited (7 and 8 October 2009) at another trade show, The Energy Solutions Expo in London and we hosted a seminar on “Automatic targeting and monitoring devices”. If you weren’t able to make it please drop me a note with any energy related questions you might have.

Happy to help if I can.