Energy tips & tech

It’s that time of year again when everyone is talking about new year’s resolutions – just the other day I was thinking about what mine might be... use that gym membership to its fullest, spend more time with friends and family, eat a bit healthier etc... nothing unusual there! But it did get me thinking about what business can be pledging to do better at in 2010.

Energy saving focused resolutions are something that as a business we will be advising our clients to think about and we’ll also be following these ourselves. So I’ve come up with my top five new year’s resolutions (and how technology can make them work):

1. Reduce energy costs

Identify energy consumption for the building (mains metering) and for activity areas (sub-metering) then manage the biggest energy consuming activities by getting colleagues to make changes or implementing control systems (BMS).

2. Build an energy efficiency team

Be transparent in your energy management programme and encourage buy-in from the team. Display your energy performance, improvements or inefficiencies and educate your team on how they can help to build a better energy efficiency programme. Dashboards and software packages can provide the transparency and interactivity you need for your team.

3. Instigate change in your people and processes

Encouraging a change in the mind-set of your team can be challenging, but be transparent about what you are trying to achieve and what you are actually doing. Show them where they can help and how they can help. Dashboards and software packages that are easy to use and interactive are a good place to start.

Don’t just rely on the energy manager or energy management team, you can educate all colleagues about the importance of turning lights and air conditioning systems off at night by quantifying the cost of this waste. i.e. “we need to sell xx more coffee today to pay for the lights being left on last night.”

4. Showcase our green credentials

Display your conformance to energy legislation through dashboards and software packages .

5. Save money... make money

Reduce energy consumption = save money

Be green = make money, as businesses are starting to look for a ‘green’ supply chain.

Tapping into technology that will streamline the function of your energy spend is an easy way to achieve these targets and if you would like to arrange a trial of t-mac Technologies system, feel free to get in touch.