ESOS isn't a scary word!

A new year always brings a new set of rules both at home (must go to the gym more, must drink less red wine - just the usual for me but work life is no different.

My advice is that you shouldn’t be scared of legislation, don’t see it as a threat but an opportunity to identify ways to save money in the long run. The worry about the cost to meet the new criteria and the time it will take to get compliant are two of the biggest concerns at the forefront of many firm's minds when facing new legislation. Don’t be wary, here's why...

ESOS will be good for your business overall. Yes the initial effort of an audit and any associated paperwork may require some effort but the rewards that can be reaped from simply doing your energy homework are vast. The Government estimates that "a typical ESOS audit will identify potential cost savings that are more than 13.5 times greater than the cost of the audit".

Professional advice on what to do is priceless. By it's very nature, the energy audit will give you access to professional advice on how to make accurate energy savings and reduce emissions from your business as a whole. These guidance notes will then give you the opportunity to put into place energy saving opportunities for the future that will cut cost and emissions. Taking those lessons learnt to the next level is where the savings can be made - businesses need to use the audit wisely and employ smart technologies to make the savings.

Ultimately improving what your business has without the need for a huge investment is where savings can be made. For example, by applying cost-effective technologies such as the t-mac system to energy consuming areas of your business that can also control energy use will reap carbon and cost savings within 12 months.