Getting the board "on board"

Bringing energy management out of the basement and into the boardroom.

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve had to explain or pitch an idea to someone more senior than us at work; it’s a daunting prospect.

Even though I now run my own business with my brother, I do remember what it was like to report to a boss and I vividly recall that sinking feeling when you’ve not been understood or equally the excitement you feel when your boss is ‘sold’ on your idea.

All these emotions came flooding back this week when a client explained the issue they were having at work and asked us to help.

Our client, an energy manager at a large commercial business, was tasked with creating new solutions to save energy for the business. After a lot of research and time they chose to partner with us at t-mac Technologies and asked us to create a bespoke energy monitoring and metering solution for them.

But, when it came to pitching the t-mac device to their boss and the board at work they felt that they just weren’t heard. Getting the board ‘on board’ with a new energy saving solution proved harder than he thought, so we were delighted to step in.

The issue was that both parties were looking at t-mac from different angles – from one side the energy manager wanted to prove energy savings and sustainability with the new t-mac system. However he had failed to point out the real financial benefits that the company will reap in return, from instant energy savings to a strong return on investment.

The board wanted to see cost savings as a leading issue with carbon cutting as an added benefit and the energy manager was keen to showcase energy reduction. Once we started working with the board and the energy manager we were able to prove to everyone how energy and financial savings are closely linked.

Needless to say, making energy a top boardroom concern and understanding how saving energy is cost effective is now at the forefront of our clients mind!