Low HO! HO! energy

Christmas is just a few short days away now – with one of the biggest clues being the amount of coloured lights strung from lamp-posts and displayed in windows and gardens across the country.

Using energy has become a big part of the festive season, whether we’re talking about the increased demands of the retail sector caused by the Christmas shopping surge, the cold weather, or simply the amount of gas and electricity needed to cook a Christmas lunch for the whole family.

One Derbyshire local who has used more than the usual amount of energy is Malcolm Muldoon who lives in Old Tupton, just five miles from t-mac’s Chesterfield HQ. He has been running an incredible light display for the past eight years, and to date has raised more than £15,000 for good causes.

Energy is clearly in high demand during the festive season, and for that reason at t-mac we’re always looking for innovative ways to save energy – and money!

We recently trialled a mini experiment with ZigBee wireless plugs in our office. The on/offmanagement capabilities of the plugs have allowed us to link three of our printers to our t-mac BeMS system, which has made sure they are on when needed and off when they’re not. In just a fortnight we saved HALF of the electricity the printers normally use – provingthe added benefits of incorporating less-obvious electrical systems into the BeMS mix.

We’re now extending the ZigBee experiment to our office Christmas lights. That’s right: the glittering t-mac team decorations are now up, and knowing they’re not costing the earth puts us in even higher spirits. Remember, every penny saved lighting up the office is money you can put straight in the Christmas party kitty. Anything which uses energy can be controlled by t-mac, so ZigBee’s technology, linked to ours, can really make the good times roll.