Summer mode

Act on our t-mac tips, so you don't forget the housekeeping for your building's controls and set-points.

After a grueling winter it’s now that time of year when we can enjoy lighter mornings, longer evenings and even some warmer weather (fingers crossed)!

And as the season changes so too will your energy bills - BUT – you need make sure they’re going down instead of up which can happen during this time of year.

How? Well many of us simply forget a few easy housekeeping rules. We always remember to do a wardrobe ‘switch’, packing our woollies at the back of the wardrobe, but how many of us think about ‘switching’ our appliances to summer mode?

Year after year people fall in to the same warmer-weather pitfalls, using the air conditioning unit instead of opening the window, leaving the heating on at the same level as previous months or even whacking it up when you think it’s getting a bit colder (when it’s really just time to put on a cardi).

Never fear - there are a number of simple solutions which anyone can implement to make sure your third quarter energy bills do not escalate through the building’s roof and drive you a little bit daisy!

Firstly, we all do it – we switch lights on when they are not needed – it’s a habit, but one we need to break. Think during the summer months, do I really need it? When the sun is shining strong lights can be useless at best and counter-productive at worst with an increased risk of glare. If working overtime why not leave the curtains or blinds open for longer to take advantage of the lighter evenings instead of reaching for the switch.

Next – have you checked your heating levels? British summers may not traditionally be Mediterranean-esq but keeping the heating at the same levels as it was in December will certainly result in a scorching energy bill, which is both wasteful and unnecessary. Turn it down. Unfortunately many employees are also guilty of turning the heating up on a cold summer’s day (yes they do sadly exist in the UK) only to forget they have done this and proceed to using other cooling methods when it gets too hot. Getting the balance right is important and everyone can be comfortable without it costing money.

Finally, I have to talk about our old pal, air-conditioning – everyone’s friend on a sweltering hot day. But why not try a free and refreshing alternative by opening a window first and see if that helps or making sure you close the curtains or shut the blinds in direct sunlight to prevent your workplace from heating up too much in the first place. As they say every little bit helps.

These three key things can help you save energy and of course money. It is important everyone gets involved and does not revert back to the bad habits, and this is not just the staff, visitors can waste energy too unless your energy saving strategy is pointed out to them.

Of course, technology like t-mac BMS can prevent equipment from fighting against each other, connecting to lighting, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and other energy intensive equipment in the workplace. It will automatically highlight opportunities for energy reduction by identifying unnecessary use and control equipment to reduce use and cost to the company. You can find out more on our website

Let’s hope for a sizzling summer and make sure you follow these simple energy saving tips –unless of course you have money to burn!