Taming the energy beast

Taming Britains hidden energy beast

This unseasonal cold snap has further fuelled one of our greatest pastimes – talking about the weather. I think it’s safe to say we are all longing for that burst of summer sun and some natural warmth as we start British Summer Time.

But all this chatter about the cold and the ‘movie-like’ scenes frequenting our TV screens has got me thinking... we still have not learned to adapt to our environment.

Unlike our friends in the animal kingdom we are reluctant to adapt and seem to be constantly taken by surprise.

So recently, when watching a re-run of Natural World I couldn’t help but see the similarities between feared jungle predators like the big cats of the Amazon and what I hear from clients day-in and day-out about their energy bills.

For example the Jaguar lies camouflaged in the trees, waiting for its prey, before swooping from a great height to slay unsuspecting targets in a single savage attack.

And it was while watching this predator in action I thought about how some of our clients tell us that their energy bills use similar tactics! Each month, or quarter, they pounce with no mercy, and deliver a bite, every bit as devastating as our jungle friend.

Of course the Jaguar’s intended prey has developed strategies to adapt to the environment and stay safe, by avoiding forested areas at dusk or traveling in groups.

In my opinion, energy managers in the UK could benefit from following similar instincts.

The novelist and comedian Peter De Vries once said “Life is a zoo, in a jungle”, and with the previous analogy in mind, this statement certainly rings true in the energy management arena for businesses across the UK.

While annual energy consumption may seem controlled on the surface, companies need to take heed of UN-controllable natural occurrences like the dramatic changes in weather we’ve seen in recent years as jolted reactions to extreme cold or heat can take a huge BITE into a business’ energy budget.

At t-mac, we know how to deal with energy bills. And to help the readers of our blog, we’ve been pulling together a series of diagrams to break down our money- and energy-saving message, and we’ll be sharing them throughout the year on our t-mac Twitter: @tmac_tech as well as on LinkedIn and Facebook.

So as we welcome our Daylight Saving Hour this month, let’s prepare for the once-feared energy bill and put active strategies in place to ‘tame’ Britain’s ‘beast’.