Technology Innovators

Awards, awards, awards there are so many, yet so few that truly matter.

We secured the coveted "Best Energy Management System Provider" at the Corporate Vision Magazine's Technology Innovators Awards. A real coup! It's also testament to the hard work from our new Energy Services Team.

At Utilitywise, we are embracing BeMS (building energy management systems) and IoT technologies (Internet of things) which is why we launched the Energy Services Team and winning this award is proof that we are doing just that.

We are now operating from both sides of the meter, from procurement to consultancy and IoT enabled BeMS solutions. 2016 for us is a year for demand side management and this technology award is in recognition of our innovative solutions in this arena,

We are very proud of our team made up of field operations, energy engineers, analysts and consultancy professionals. But what does our team do:

  • embraces leading-edge technologies and analytical software solutions to put business in control of their energy bills by not only reducing energy consumption through improved building controls but also moving consumption when non-commodity costs are higher (DUoS/TRiAD); taking advantage of lower tariff periods thereby reducing valuable £s/pence.
  • responds to market demand by integrating energy efficiency strategies with asset management; provide building optimisation and building/equipment maintenance services. A recent partnership deal with Dell and Intel will enable us to deploy Dell's IoT hardware complete with the t-mac cloud-based software and apps to businesses small and large.
  • creates a platform to predict the future of utility demand; through connected devices we can align building and equipment operations with forecasted energy market changes.
  • encourages more businesses to undertake demand reduction activities; to reduce consumption as a whole but also against the makeup of the energy tariff. For HH billed consumers, load shedding and shifting during DUoD time bands reap significant rewards for businesses, as a kWh reduced at these times is worth twice that of any kWh at any other time of day. Add to this the winter TRiADS (the three highest peaks of electricity demand between November and February) the kWh saved during the TRiAD periods is worth substantially more to businesses.