Triad time

Alert! Alert! Triad charges will soon be coming into play

It’s around that time of year when licensed electricity suppliers will be charged a fee for the peak load they imposed on the national grid during the last winter.

Triad charges measure maximum demand readings three times a year. They are a means for the National Grid to recover charges and act as an incentive for users to minimise consumption at peak times.

Every year businesses are charged tens of thousands of pounds based on their energy consumption during Triads. In the current economic climate the last thing a business needs is to be caught out like this.

Triad alerts provide businesses with advance warnings about when these events are likely to take place. However, I believe that ensuring energy management is a part of your general housekeeping is a much more effective and forward thinking strategy.

My advice would be to not wait for another Triad warning. By using energy management systems like t-mac to identify your energy consumption patterns, and uncover opportunities for improvement, you can take action and ensure that you aren’t wasting energy, and money, all year round.