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Reducing the world's energy consumption... one Tweet at a time.

At t-mac, we like to think we're different. Our Building energy Management Systems save money for the people we care about: our clients, and the people we want to work with. We've been pulling together a series of diagrams to break down our money - and energy-saving message for the world to see, and we'll be posting them throughout the year on our t-mac Twitter: @tmac_tech.

Our first instalment, titled "Heating your building with energy efficiency in mind", shows how using heat only when needed, servicing your boiler, reducing thermostat temperatures and closing windows and doors can help save a packet on energy bills.

More of these visuals will be posted over the next few months, so if you’re on Twitter make sure you follow @tmac_tech and RT our messages to make #Energy #Monitoring and #Management into trending topics for 2013.

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