Winter weather

A winter warming weather feed with energy efficiency in mind.

I broke my bank card this morning – and I wasn’t even paying for anything.

No, instead I was attempting to scrape the ice from my car windscreen for the first time in 2012. Winter, it seems, is very definitely upon us.

The heating has been on at home for a while now, and thermostats across the land have been tweaked gradually upwards as colder nights draw in.

A recent study by the Carbon Disclosure Project found 81% of major global companies have identified physical risks to their organisation caused by climate change, while over a third see these risks as a "real and present danger". That’s up from just 10% in 2010. Technology like t-mac can continue to manage our utilities during extreme winters to ensure key systems like boilers don’t freeze, but still provide savings of up to 40%.

The last few years’ extreme winters have made people think more and more about the weather, and our Weather Feed is already making its own contribution felt in businesses across the UK.

It links weather data from a specific location into the t-mac BeMS control strategy, so if it’s frosty outside, the heating can be turned up – then turned down again when the sun comes out.

Weather Feed won’t help clear my car windscreen on an icy morning, but it will certainly make sure I have a comfortable, warm, energy efficient office waiting when I get to work.