Don't get wired get WiST. Why you should choose the t-mac wireless energy management system.

Wireless systems are a welcome convenience in today’s world. Where would we be without our WiFi? Cafes and bars across the country now use ‘wi fi’ availability to attract the sole passer by armed only with a laptop. Let’s face it, anything that makes life easier, quicker and less stressful sparks interest in us all.

So as wireless technology increases in popularity at the same rate as Simon Cowell it was inevitable that it would catch on in our sector too. And of course we were keen to lead the way with products that make life easier for our customers.

Wireless environmental sensors are an intelligent addition to energy metering or building energy management strategies especially as they are easy to install and fully operational within minutes.

However there seems to be a stigma surrounding the use of wireless systems, – a fear of high maintenance costs and diminished quality because most use batteries. And it is true – most wireless sensors on the market do require batteries which will need to be changed every 2-5 years. Lengthening the life of these batteries too can result in fewer communications from the wireless sensors – as data uploads from the sensor to the building management system (BMS) occur every 30 minutes/hour instead of more frequently.

But fear not – there is a solution. Businesses can choose a wireless system that is battery-less and is supported by a renewable energy source – we know because that is what we have developed.

Our Wireless Sensor Technology (WiST) is virtually maintenance free, and as the system uses solar panels – it will also save your ‘sole’ where your carbon footprint is concerned!

So no batteries need to be bought and disposed of, and as the system is constantly generating and storing solar energy, it maintains frequent quality communications between sensors and any BMS.

This constant flow of information allows sensors that monitor vibration, temperature, lux levels and power quality to communicate as they should, reporting changes in environmental conditions instantly as they happen.

Another great advantage to a wireless system is that it becomes completely portable, such benefits make systems like this the most advanced and secure wireless systems available on the market.

Our WiST is based around a proven standards-based technology from EnOcean (www.enocean.com) and uses a license-free 868MHz frequency band, which makes it suitable for use throughout most of the world!

In my opinion this is the future and wireless systems are the beginning of the future of energy management in buildings. Businesses can break free from the traditional endless lengths of cabling and wiring, revolutionising the way they work and save wasting unnecessary time

Not quite a guaranteed 15 minutes of fame but definitely a step in the right direction.