Metering is an essential tool when building an effective energy management strategy for your business. From identifying potential inefficiencies, to increasing the chances of environmental and financial benefits, consistent metering can offer many advantages.

What Is Metering?

Understanding energy management is the key to keeping a business running to its full potential.
Without accurate metering, real-time management of data from multiple sites could be difficult, or even impossible.
Our t-mac devices can easily connect to your mains meter or take a pulse output, extracting data and translating it
into vital analysis on costs, energy consumption and your carbon footprint.
Sub-metering can take this data a step further – explaining your levels of energy usage throughout various areas of your business.
We can measure everything from lighting, and heating, to general power in certain zones of the business

Cost Analysis

Energy Consumption

Carbon Footprint

Why t-mac?

With a wide range of services tailored to your needs, we at t-mac are able to assist our clients as they make strides towards energy efficiency.

t-mac systems provide greater visibility and clarity on unusual usage trends and inefficiencies – giving you the chance to reduce your energy consumption, waste and costs.

And with our expert team, you know you’re in safe hands.

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