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How smart energy management can help hospitality recover

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The hospitality industry was one of the hardest hit by Covid-19 lockdowns. Now, as businesses recover, self sufficiency and sustainability is more important than ever.

t-mac helps businesses take control in a time of uncertainty. Our smart utility monitoring and metering systems can help cut costs and mitigate future risks. This can be a huge win for businesses trying to recover and recoup.


Here are two success stories from hospitality businesses that saw the benefits of energy efficiency first-hand. With t-mac’s next generation energy management solutions they were able to identify issues and uncover hidden savings with ease.

Slicing costs

The restaurant industry can be an unforgiving and unsustainable one in terms of continued solvency. In fact, a 2017 Forbes study showed that nearly 1 in 5 fail in the first year. This means that business leaders in the industry have to ensure that their sites and team are utilising resources as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately, restaurants have developed an unenviable association with waste due to the amount of resources they need. On top of the amount of food waste, which is often significant, hospitality sites require large amounts of energy for lighting, refrigeration, appliances and hygiene.

When one of our clients, a national pizza chain, realised that there wasn’t much that they could do about their food waste, they looked elsewhere for potential savings.

We helped them on their hunt for hidden savings by applying a comprehensive sub metering scheme to identify areas of inefficiency and waste. This was combined with condition monitoring and a carefully thought out control strategy, including HVAC and lighting. All of this has yielded annual savings of nearly £4000 – and all on a single site.

The increased monitoring capabilities also led to interesting discoveries such as fridge doors being propped open, managers opening for staff out of hours and staff staying overnight unauthorised. In this way, the t-mac system acts as both a utility monitor and sleuth.

These issues had gone unreported and, subsequently, unchecked. But, armed with this new data, leadership were able to take appropriate action to prevent them from happening in the future. t-mac also enables managers to receive alerts in real-time when issues like these arise. This kind of oversight helps to empower business leaders to make better decisions to the benefit of team members, customers and shareholders.

Park your assumptions

Another t-mac client wanted to explore the possible savings they could make in one of their parking facilities.
The primary avenue for this exploration was the facility’s lighting system. What initially began as an upgrade to the light monitoring capabilities of the site soon became a site-wide LED retrofit.

After comparing the gathered data for both lighting types, and noting the increased efficiency of the new set-up, the client also implemented a control strategy to further complement these changes.

In the end, the weekly lighting cost in the facility dropped by over 75% from £593.63 to £140.22. This means that if these savings remain static they will save over £23,000 per annum.

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Who choose t-mac?

These are just two examples of the benefits that can be seen with our IoT metering and control systems. At t-mac we recognise that every business has its own unique set of challenges. That is why we provide bespoke, data driven solutions.

t-mac systems provide control and efficiency, both valuable commodities in a post-Covid economy. They also enable businesses to be more flexible, which will become crucial in the transition to our new normal.

If you are interested in becoming more sustainable and self-sufficient with smart utility monitoring and building controls, contact us at t-mac today.

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