t-mac and Tyrrell Building Technologies Group partner to launch Smart Building IoT Solution for small businesses - t-mac

t-mac and Tyrrell Building Technologies Group partner to launch Smart Building IoT Solution for small businesses

t-mac Technologies (t-mac), the energy and building insight specialist, has partnered with Tyrrell Building Technologies Group (Tyrrell) to launch a new Smart Building IoT Solution suitable for small businesses across all sectors including retail, leisure and hospitality.


The new Micro BMS solution is a real game changer for small businesses. The ‘plug and play’ solution is wireless and simple to install. As a result it delivers real-time and remote management for sites usually priced out of implementing a traditional BMS system.



With adaptable hardware that can be tailored to suit an organisation’s needs, the new Micro BMS offering can be configured to manage smoke detectors, leak and humidity sensors and occupancy sensors.

The Smart Building IoT Solution shares real-time performance data via an online platform that shows users a visual display of sites’ energy consumption and running costs. The system incorporates an analytical layer allowing actionable insights and reporting dashboards that can reveal trends in energy use.

Kate Lowry, Key Account Manager at t-mac Technologies, said: “All businesses have been challenged by government and increasingly the public, to reduce their carbon emissions. For many, accessing data on their energy use through tools like our powerful Micro BMS solution is a valuable starting point in their journey to lower emissions.

“When insight on power consumption is coupled with the technology to control buildings’ systems remotely, businesses will be even better placed to manage, control and reduce their energy use and carbon emissions in a meaningful way.”

Ged Tyrrell, Founder and Managing Director at Tyrrell Building Technologies Group said: “t-mac and Tyrrell partnered after identifying a gap in the market for a ‘plug and play’ micro-BMS suitable for small businesses like cafes, restaurants and retailers.

“Through our partnership we’ve created a bespoke system for businesses that gives them real-time control over their building management systems, even when staff are off site, helping them to monitor and control their energy use at all times.”

t-mac is part of the independently-owned Majestic Securities Limited group of businesses, which also includes The Monarch Partnership, Energy Intelligence Centre and several other energy and water specialists.

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