t-mac Re-launch

t-mac is back

t-mac Technologies (t-mac), the energy and building insight specialist, has relaunched into the metering and controls marketplace with an expanded offering for micro-businesses and large firms.

Its next-generation, metering, monitoring and control technologies were previously only available to mid-sized businesses and can now be accessed by all organisations across all sectors including manufacturing, retail, commercial and education.

t-mac’s IoT technology seamlessly connects building hardware systems with dynamic software to enable users to remotely manage key utilities including electricity, gas and water, as well as heating and ventilation systems.

It works by connecting and continually monitoring meters, sensors and equipment, and shares real-time performance data via a single online platform that allows users to fully manage their utility use and machinery. The system can also serve as an early warning device and flag faults or energy inefficiencies.

Kate Lowry, Key Account Manager at t-mac, said: “Data is essential in helping firms to better understand

how they use resources and, when coupled with building management technology like t-mac, it can give businesses even greater control over their operations.

“Once a company has a clear picture of its energy consumption it can use the information to shape its future strategy. These strategies can improve businesses’ bottom line by realising savings and reducing carbon emissions supporting a net zero strategy.”

Wates partnership

t-mac has been named as a partner to the Wates Sustainable Technology Service (WSTS) initiative, which supports customers of the Wates Group – one of the UK’s largest privately-owned construction and property services companies – in achieving their sustainability goals. The WSTS helps identify and implement sustainable technologies that comply with regulations, lower carbon emissions and improve building performance.

New ownership

t-mac is part of the independently owned Majestic Securities Group of businesses, which also includes The Monarch Partnership Ltd, Energy Intelligence Centre Ltd and several other energy and water specialists.d

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