The benefits of LED lighting solutions

Once again, we find ourselves in the midst of the colder, darker months. On top of that, the ongoing energy crisis has forced UK businesses to look for ways to adapt to the reduced electricity supply. So, businesses must incorporate more sustainable systems into their buildings and sites. One of the most effective energy-saving solutions for large businesses is to switch to LED lighting.

20% of electricity generated in the UK is attributed to lighting. It is essential that businesses cut carbon emissions wherever possible and fully embrace sustainability. And while this will bring environmental benefits, becoming more efficient will be advantageous for businesses in a myriad of other ways.

So, how can businesses benefit from making the switch to LED lighting?

Cut down emissions

Lighting accounts for around 5% of global CO₂ emissions. If businesses across the world made the switch to LED technology, they could save a whopping 1,400 million tonnes of CO₂. And while there are many advantages to implementing green practices, the reduction of emissions and the reduced impact on the environment are at the top of the list.

Before a business can take steps to incorporate LED lighting, they must first survey their current sites and practices. This will help the business to gain an insight into its current usage. Once these areas of high emissions have been pinpointed, you can then focus on reducing them.

Making the switch to LED lighting can hugely reduce a business’s carbon footprint. Compared to an incandescent bulb, an LED is 80% more energy efficient. Incorporating smart lighting controls can also help to improve a sustainable site. Movement sensors, time clocks and light sensors can all play a part in reducing your energy bills.

Reduce costs

LED lighting is the most cost-effective and durable option, for both businesses and households. Switching to a different lighting system for buildings, possibly on multiple sites, can seem daunting. But the eventual return on investment will not only be beneficial in terms of time and money, but also environmentally.

These bulbs require far less energy and therefore last much longer. Sometimes even lasting up to an impressive 20 years. Not only is this more efficient for businesses, it will also save them from buying bulbs that use more during for a shorter lifespan.

Boost your green credentials

Being transparent about your environmental achievements and targets is essential for businesses, as customers become more aware of sustainable ethics. This will in turn boost a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials. By improving green credentials, businesses can attract new potential clients while cutting utility costs and carbon emissions.

By demonstrating broader interests, rather than simply focusing on making revenue, businesses can attract a loyal customer base. Prioritising the environment and customer wellbeing can also prompt word-of-mouth referrals and entice a broader range of clients.

How can t-mac help?

At t-mac, we help you to unlock energy savings through our innovative LED lighting solutions. We can offer fully managed turnkey lighting solutions, handled by our expert team. From on-site surveys to lighting design, project management and implementation, our team are here to help.

We can also help your business by:

  • Scoping and installing a LED lighting solution at your site.
  • Managing the entire tender process. Our turnkey solutions allow you to focus on your business and what you do best.
  • Combining energy procurement, monitoring, controls and battery storage to create a compelling and integrated strategic energy solution.

Get in touch today to find out how t-mac can help you to integrate effective and efficient lighting solutions into your business.

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