t-mac is a leading building energy management and analytics platform that uncovers savings and improves performance. We make it easier and faster to transform your buildings operations data into smart performance improvements that save energy, cost and carbon.


t-mac energy management solutions help businesses to remotely manage and reduce energy consumption and costs across a multi-site portfolio.


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About us

t-mac was founded in 2004 and provides next-generation metering, monitoring and controls solutions. It enables clients to manage their assets and energy consumption in real-time via a single platform. This technology allows businesses to remotely manage heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and key utilities – electricity, gas and water. Today t-mac, a Majestic Securities company, offers a compelling suite of hardware and software solutions for businesses of all sizes from SMEs to large corporates.

Why choose t-mac?

At t-mac we seamlessly connect building hardware and systems with dynamic software applications. Whilst each solution we deliver is bespoke to our clients’ needs there are some core benefits of working alongside us.



  • Powerful metering and controls.
  • Remotely configurable.
  • In-house and third-party solutions.
  • Mini BMS manufactured in the UK.
  • Helps to lower energy costs.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Improve your environment and boost employee well-being.
  • Lower carbon emissions and boost your CSR credentials.
  • Testimonials

    “We selected t-mac BMS due to its ability to connect to our network, ‘talk’ to our existing ac units and report back. We can now react to faults/failures prior to the store realising they have an issue. The capability to change settings without requiring a member of staff to do so is a great element of the system. We required an easy to use interface with potential for expansion which was a big draw of the BMS.”

    "By working with t-mac we were able to identify that our immediate solution was to scrutinise the use of in-store equipment to save energy and carbon. Using t-mac’s expert advice and assistance we were able to implement a control strategy and immediately benefited from the energy reduction. To date we’ve chalked up a substantial reduction in energy usage and carbon emissions across the 1,600 UK branches. We’re confident that the system will continue to be a winner, saving carbon and cost for years to come.."

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